How many times have you or a family member woken up from a night's sleep with itchy or red skin and irritated eyes? How about a stuffed up nose, sneezing, wheezing, tightness in the chest, headaches, or a sinus ache? How about a general feeling of depression for no reason, or a feeling of fatigue even though you've just woken up?

The fact is, you, a loved one or a family member could be one of the 50 MILLION Americans that suffer from some kind of allergy. Chances are, the reason may be the millions of dust mites that made a home for themselves in your mattress, and are feeding on the dead skin cell flakes all humans shed.

Many dust allergies stem from dust mites. Menacing as they appear, it's technically not the dust mites themselves that cause the problem - it's the droppings they leave! Yes. On and in your mattress. After they eat your dead skin cells. That's what they do.

The best way to kill dust mites and remove dust mite droppings is getting professional mattress cleaner to clean and sanitize your mattress. This Dust Mites Cleaner service specializes in eliminating dust mites as well as other allergens and bacteria. That's what we do. is an authorized dealer of Hygienitech mattress cleaning systems. Call or fill out an online form to get a free estimate on the cleaning and disinfecting of your mattresses, curtains, sofas, etc and/or schedule a free in-home dust mite contamination and allergen test.

We currently service Chicago and the Chicagoland area, including Wheeling, Glencoe, Glenview, Highland Park, Lake Forest, Libertyville, Lincolnshire, Northbrook, Northfield, Vernon Hills, Riverwoods, Prospect Heights, Arlington Heights, Bannockburn, Deerfield, Buffalo Grove, Antioch, Crystal Lake, Des Plaines, Fort Sheridan, Gilmer, Half Day, Highwood, Lake Villa, Lake Zurich, Lincolnwood, Lindenhurst, Long Grove, Mettawa, Niles, Wilmette, Winnetka and other Chicago land suburbs. If you live elsewhere, don't worry! Request the free estimate and/or free in-home test anyway and we'll help you find a professional mattress cleaner in your area!

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Are YOU sleeping with the enemy?
Dust mites
Dust mite droppings affect allergy sufferers and are unwanted by most others.
Dust mites are real microscopic organisms.
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Eliminate dust mites and allergens with:
Dust mites are real
microscopic organisms.
They feed on the dead
skin cells humans shed.
And the actual problem is
the droppings they leave!
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